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Why do you paint icons?

My spiritual practice is seeing everyone as the Divine sees them, and painting icons is simply an extension of my function in the world. I paint icons to see everyone sacred, and I paint icons to help facilitate other people recognizing and proclaiming where they see God in their own lives. 

How big are the custom icons?

Custom icons vary in size. There are 3 basic sizes, small, standard, and medium. I do large icons based on special requests. Pricing and size of large icons are always a result of clients needs and interests. If you want more than two figures in an icon, then click the link below to get in touch to start this conversation.


Small Custom Icon (One face, Mixed Media on 3"x3" wood panel) - $62

Standard Custom Icon (One face, Mixed Media on VHS cassette) - $108

Medium Custom Icon (1 or 2 faces, Mixed Media on 11x14 wood panel) - $228 


What is your process? And why?

Once I get a request for a custom icon, I use the pictures uploaded by the client and other print materials to create a collage of mixed media. I am praying for the person who requested the icon, and for the person imaged in the icon through this process. I see each person involved as Whole, Innocent, Forgiven and Released. The gathering of the print material is akin to the way the Spirit moves in our world to arrange dust and particles into this universe we call home. The praying process is arranging within the shared Mind that all are forgiven and whole. The collage is then painted over in extravagant colors to shift the perception of the on-looker. This is an extension of the prayerful process, and the result of seeing the person as an extension of the Divine. The resulting image is meant to call the viewer past the “normal” sight of how we perceive each other into a Divine sight of how we are seen in holiness.

Why do you paint the standard icon on old VHS cassettes?

The standard icon process of using a VHS cassette is a nod to the way the Spirit transmutes karmic trash in our lives into the healing process. The use of technology and materials which the world deems obsolete is the message of the icon itself - finding the Divine in the mundane, or even in the spaces we would love to throw in the trash. Our pain is forgiven into the Light of the Divine. 

How do you choose colors?

The color choices are guided by the Spirit for each icon as I prayerfully consider the person in the Divine Light. If a client has specific color needs or requests, I honor those in that process.

Do you paint icons of anything other than people? Like pets? Or coffee?

Yes! Although as humans we are inclined to see the Spirit in the presence of our closest human relationships, we can certainly see the Spirit permeating all of forms around us. If you have a request for an icon that is not a person, but a place, a pet, a food, a car…. Anything really - let me help you see the Spirit where you see it. Get in touch!