Sacredslatejam leaning out of mosque window


I had my own plan for my life. It included going to seminary and getting ordained and being a pastor.

But I ignored elements of myself that felt unaligned with this path. I let my ego lull me into false securities, escapism of my own feelings of unworthiness, and simply dumb unguided decisions. I hurt myself and everyone around me.

I lost my job as a pastor. I ended relationships. I disconnected from the things I thought brought me value. And I found forgiveness of myself and everyone around me.

The sole function of forgiveness led by the Holy Spirit has shown me a different path. Now, my previous side projects of creative expression have been infused with my spirituality, and shown me how my work with the Holy Spirit is meant to be developed in them.

My work, artistic expression, and spiritual path have all become the same process.  

God sees everyone sacred. I practice seeing everyone sacred. I paint icons to help you show someone sacred. 

The process of painting a custom icon is a spiritual experience for me. I participate with the  image of the person, and led by the Holy Spirit, I see them whole, innocent, forgiven and released. It is a prayerful painting exercise that is extended to them through the making of the art and through the gifting of it. 

You see God in your partner, your child, your grandfather, your teacher, your life-long friend. And you want a tangible way to share with them how you see them. You want them to know that they have been a divine presence in your life. You want them to see themselves how you see them. That they have taught you. That they have guided you. That they have loved you unconditionally. That they have listened to you when you were broken-hearted, lost or confused. That they have forgiven you when you felt judgment. 


This is why you have found me.


I am practicing seeing the Divine in you or your loved ones. I can help you Show Someone Sacred with Custom Iconography. I can help you Know Your Self and your Guides through Channeled Guide Paintings.


Let's show everyone sacred together.